A magnificent heritage

The history of Villa di Geggiano is as colourful and as fascinating as any in Italy. Lovers of the traditions of culture, style, wine or medieval history will find a wealth of sights and interesting activities when visiting.

Villa di Geggiano was given to the Bianchi Bandinelli family as the dowry of Girolama Santi when she married Girolamo Bandinelli in 1527. Its majestic appearance today, including its elegant 18th century furniture and decorations, is the result of radical rebuilding and restoration by various family members during its history. Originally a much smaller cottage it was transformed in 1768 into a magnificent Villa with a private chapel and garden when Anton Domenico Bianchi Bandinelli married Cecilia Chigi Zondadari. They lived in the Villa throughout their marriage and in 1790, oversaw the redecoration of the entrance gallery by Austrian Painter Ignazio Moder, with frescoes representing the twelve months of the year.

The famous archeologist and art historian Ranuccio Bianchi Bandinelli, made the Villa his main residence from 1930 and wrote about his ‘love for this special place’ with its original furniture in ‘veneziano rustico’ style and its original French wallpaper and fabrics.

In 2000 a major restoration project began on the rectangular Villa, entirely rebuilding the roof, reworking the plaster of the façade, and consolidating the arches of the Open Air Theatre and the walls of the garden. Unique in its history, the Villa di Geggiano, its architecture and its landscaped gardens, have been declared a Monumento Nazionale. It has been used by Bernardo Bertolucci as the set for his movie Stealing Beauty and has appeared in a number of TV shows, advertisements, films and fashion photo-shoots.

There is always something new in the diary and the Villa hosts regular annual events that attract many visitors. Please check our What’s On Page if you would like to coincide your visit with any events of interest, and contact us should you wish to book tickets to any of the events advertised. We are usually able to assist with reservations as long as we receive sufficient notice.

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