Naturally Cultured

Due to their historical significance, and tranquil and elegant beauty, Villa di Geggiano and its landscaped gardens have been declared a Monumento Nazionale.

The Gardens

The garden can be divided into two areas: the front of the villa is known as the Piazzone; the other the Kitchen Garden. The Piazzone is laid out parallel to the front of the building, with large lawns at the sides, edged with low box hedges and ending at its southern side with the grand theatre. The garden is organised in the Italian style with geometric beds arranged around a well. It is surrounded by a high wall into which six gates open, flanked by monumental pillars crowned with terracotta vases and statues of monkeys. Through one of these gates you’ll find the Pomario, a mixture of flowerbeds and vegetables, which contains topiary and a terrace fish pond and has a magnificent view over nearby Siena.

The Theatre (Teatro di Verzura)

Decorated with groups of century-old cypresses, a parterre of box-trees and hundreds of potted lemon trees, the arboretum hides a charming open-air theatre, the Teatro di Verzura. This raised 18th-century theatre is surrounded by tall laurel hedges and consists of a proscenium made up of twin arches, surmounted by triumphal pediments into which the crests of the Bianchi Bandinelli and Chigi Zondadari families have been inserted. The niches of its arches contain statues of Tragedy and Comedy, by the Maltese sculptor Bosio. It was here that Vittorio Alfieri, during one of his many stays at the Villa di Geggiano as a guest of his close friend Mario Bianchi Bandinelli, performed one of his tragedies in the late 18th century.

During your stay you can walk, sit and relax in these enchanting, ancient, beautiful gardens.

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